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NEGRONI TIME | Where to get the best Negroni in Sydney

NEGRONI TIME | Where to get the best Negroni in Sydney

The negroni. If you're not familiar with this particular aperitivo, it was born in 1919 in Florence, Italy and made up of 3 parts. One part gin, one part Campari and one part vermouth, built and stirred on ice and served in a short glass with one ice cube and a thin slice of orange. Intrigued yet? Good, we've got a list of our favourites places in Sydney to sip on the best negronis. 

TOP 5, here we go: 

1. ALBERTO'S LOUNGE | Surry Hills
Trust you'll find an expertly crafted negroni at an Italian restaurant. There's nothing quite like a clean tasting negroni paired with incredible Italian food on a winter's night in the city. Alberto's Lounge do everything right, its small and cozy and they even have a DJ spinning vinyl on the weekends to keep the vibes going all night long. 

(via instagram @albertoslounge) 

2. PELLEGRINO 2000 | Surry Hills
Surprise surprise, another Italian joint. If you're going to drink an negroni, the mood has to be right, and Pellegrino 2000 is a place you go to be transported to another place (Italy, duh). Spread over 2 floors while still maintaining a snug feel, Pellegrino 2000 have the negroni perfected, enjoyed best as a digestif with one of their mouthwatering desserts. 

(via instagram @pellegrinos2000 ) 

3. BISTRO 916 | Potts Point
The parent restaurant to Pellegrino 2000, this place is ridiculously French & Fabulous and just so happens to be a great place to enjoy a negroni. The waiters at Bistro 916 will never let you go thirsty, and are always spot on with food and drink pairings and recommendations. The perfect spot for a romantic date or a night out with your fellow negroni lover.


(via instagram @bistrot916)

4. THE ROOSEVELT | Potts Point
Shout out to Potts Point, for having so many great places to enjoy a negroni. Though only two have made it to this list, there are plenty more. The Roosevelt, aside from being one of my favourite bars in Sydney due to it's incredible interior design and effortless dedication to theme, is home to one of the best negronis in town.

(via instagram @therooseveltpottspoint)

5. MAYBE SAMMY | The Rocks
So good, it goes down like water. The negroni here is a real 'shut up and take my money' kind of experience. You know when you're out and you're like 'oh cocktails are expensive, I'll just get one', not gonna happen at Maybe Sammy. 

(via instagram @maybe_sammy_sydney) 

Well there you have it, my top 5 bars in Sydney to have a negroni. Have I left out your favourite negroni spot? Get in touch with more recommendations! 

If you don't like the nightlife or don't like to boogie, you can shop our negroni cocktail hampers on the DIIO gifting store to enjoy a negroni in the comfort of your own home! We've curated various negroni gift hampers to make your own or to enjoy the creations of various pre mixed cocktails!
Shop here


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Sydney Coffee Spots You Need to Visit

Sydney Coffee Spots You Need to Visit

At this point, our bodies are made up of 95% coffee. The other 5% is like that storage that takes up space on your computer but is just classified as 'other' and you literally have no idea what it is.

Here are our three favourite coffee spots in Sydney at the moment. They're not in any kind of specific ranking. More just like, the by which we frequent most. So yeah, I guess they're in ranked by preference, but they're also all amazing.  

1. Gypsy Espresso | Potts Point

Gypsy Coffee
via Gypsy Espresso Instagram @gypsyespresso  

I'll never forget my first sip of their coffee. It was a real 'oh sh*t' moment. Like, having a really serious conversation and had to stop to say 'this might be the best coffee I've ever tasted'. Perfect to sit with a friend in the cozy corner of their small cafe or to sit outside and pet the doggos that walk by (good boys are a plenty around Potts Point).

 You can also shop their original coffee beans and they'll grind it to your liking on the spot for you to enjoy at home or in the office.

via Tenor

2. Little Fern on Regent | Redfern

Located just off the corner of Redfern and Regent Street, this tiny little bakery just does everything right. The baked goods are out of this world, the service is 10/10 and quality coffee to match. They're all about community too which is what you want from your local coffee spot. Next time you're skipping through Redfern, definitely stop by for a takeaway coffee and sweets. 

Photo by Street and Studio @streetandstudio

 3. Genovese Coffee House | Alexandria 

via Genovese instagram @genovesecoffeehouse

This place is sent to us straight from the gods of coffee and Italian eats. If you are looking for a cafe to sit at for hours and top sip on coffee after coffee and eat your way through the menu then this is the place for you. Step inside to the spacious converted warehouse space and feel miles away from your daily stresses. The coffee is next level amazing and the menu is specially crafted to take you on a journey of Italian foodie heaven. For something savoury we recommend the burrata, roasted cherry tomato on ciabatta and for something sweet you can't go past the pistachio croissants. Bellissimo! 

That's our top 3 coffee picks at the moment, we hope you get the chance to try our favourite spots. We love finding new places around Sydney to try and are always open to recommendations! If you have a favourite coffee place around Sydney that you think should be featured in the blog, let us know! Tell us where it is, why you love it, what to order and a little snap of the cafe! 

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WRITE TO ME | Love. Our Wedding Planner

WRITE TO ME | Love. Our Wedding Planner

If you're not someone who has spent their entire life waiting to get engaged, planning a wedding can be incredibly overwhelming... at first.

Like anything, starting is the hardest part. Once you've gotten a start, then the fun begins! When people are saying 'planning a wedding is so stressful' it's probably because they're unorganised (sorry for the truth). They probably didn't have a journal with prompts, categories, checklists and budget planners. Write to Me have made the wedding process so easy, anyone from a beginner party planner to a seasoned expert will find this journal to be a huge help. Plus, it's a beautiful keepsake to hold onto for years to come so that you can look back on the year that was your love bubble.


To help you get started once you have your Love wedding planner, we have put a short list of instagram accounts you should check out for ideas, inspo and quotes!



Bridal Ateliers

Happy planning! xx

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BRAND FEATURE | Piecework Puzzle


Let's talk all about them! The brand is all about winding down, bringing the fun home and relieving stress from the day to day monotony of work and obligatory social events.

Let's be real, when was the last time we actually sat down either alone, with a partner or friend and actually switched off and stayed present? Yeah, we can't remember either. According to creators Rachel and Jena, puzzles are the way to do that. They created this brand through their own personal experiences of relieving burn out and passing the time in a way which kept them fully engaged and while also connecting them to creativity.

Piecework are all about the process, and quite clearly, the process gets you to a pretty spectacular finish. The artwork is and incredible dose of photographic, Dadaist, and Surrealist aesthetics that you'll ACTUALLY want to get framed. Every detail of their product is thought out and aesthetic right down to the boxes they're packaged in.

Don't just shop their puzzles, listen to the Spotify playlist filled with certified BANGERS and songs you'll be grateful to discover. Perfect for your next evening in.

You can shop Buns Out, Meta, Winner Winner, Banana Hands, Disco Queen, Tickled Pink and Power Lunch on DIIO now!

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BRAND FEATURE | Machete Jewellery

BRAND FEATURE | Machete Jewellery

Brand In focus… Machete.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Machete is a line of affordable and sustainable accessories for the everyday.  

What we love about Machete, is that due to the high quality and natural materials there is a slight variation from product to product making each piece truely unique. Aside from being visually stunning, practical and eco-conscious, Machete also have an incredible program to give back to their community, contributing to over 10 different foundations that support women, education and the planet. It's nice to know that when you shop, you are contributing to a business that has values and cares. 

Before the DIIO Lifestyle Store, there was just DIIO Gifting, which was home to a very modest range of unique gifts. Our team were looking for labels that best aligned with our visions for DIIO, as well as meaningful and beautiful things we would use ourselves or love to receive in a gift. We love the way Machete fit into The DIIO Lifestyle - a sustainable addition to our growing store. We started stocking Machete back in 2018 after we made the decision to expand our gifts to suit every day living and now boast a small but stunning range of Machete hair accessories. 

Though DIIO is proudly Australian and will always support local business and designers, we also love the idea of sourcing unique designs to our Australian customers from international sellers. 

Right now, you can shop midi and mini hair claws in various colours in the Lifestyle Store and the Build a Gift Box feature. Let us know if you'd like to see more of the Machete range at DIIO! 

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Welcome to the DIIO Lifestyle

Welcome to the DIIO Lifestyle

Welcome to the DIIO Lifestyle Blog. Here you’ll find all kinds of things from “how to’s”, to our top picks, music, designer features and more! What’s most important to us is building a community for the DIIO Lifestyle store and it starts here. Get in contact with us to contribute to the #DIIOLifestyle.

To kick things off, we thought we would take it easy and talk through some of our latest additions to the store. 

Say hello to the Goober Candles. It’s cute, round and so much more than a blob. Designed in New York by architects Mark Talbot and Youngjin Yoon, the Goober Candles are an experiment on shape and form. Their design is an adaptation of the fundamental design principles of animations - ‘squash and stretch’. This concept goes back to the early days of Disney animation in the 1930’s where creators personified sacks of flour with emotions from surprised, elated, sad and so on. 

Talbot and Yoon said that they took the principle and relevant creation myth on board when creating their candles. They squashed and stretched lumps and imagined the emotions their audience might feel during the process of viewing and lighting these candles. 

The Goober Candle is the kind of candle you have out on display on your bedside. We find them warm and reassuring little blobs and love the way this candle melts when burning and the soft glow it produces, a sweet little mood setter for any occasion, with a rich design history. 

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