NEGRONI TIME | Where to get the best Negroni in Sydney

NEGRONI TIME | Where to get the best Negroni in Sydney

The negroni. If you're not familiar with this particular aperitivo, it was born in 1919 in Florence, Italy and made up of 3 parts. One part gin, one part Campari and one part vermouth, built and stirred on ice and served in a short glass with one ice cube and a thin slice of orange. Intrigued yet? Good, we've got a list of our favourites places in Sydney to sip on the best negronis. 

TOP 5, here we go: 

1. ALBERTO'S LOUNGE | Surry Hills
Trust you'll find an expertly crafted negroni at an Italian restaurant. There's nothing quite like a clean tasting negroni paired with incredible Italian food on a winter's night in the city. Alberto's Lounge do everything right, its small and cozy and they even have a DJ spinning vinyl on the weekends to keep the vibes going all night long. 

(via instagram @albertoslounge) 

2. PELLEGRINO 2000 | Surry Hills
Surprise surprise, another Italian joint. If you're going to drink an negroni, the mood has to be right, and Pellegrino 2000 is a place you go to be transported to another place (Italy, duh). Spread over 2 floors while still maintaining a snug feel, Pellegrino 2000 have the negroni perfected, enjoyed best as a digestif with one of their mouthwatering desserts. 

(via instagram @pellegrinos2000 ) 

3. BISTRO 916 | Potts Point
The parent restaurant to Pellegrino 2000, this place is ridiculously French & Fabulous and just so happens to be a great place to enjoy a negroni. The waiters at Bistro 916 will never let you go thirsty, and are always spot on with food and drink pairings and recommendations. The perfect spot for a romantic date or a night out with your fellow negroni lover.


(via instagram @bistrot916)

4. THE ROOSEVELT | Potts Point
Shout out to Potts Point, for having so many great places to enjoy a negroni. Though only two have made it to this list, there are plenty more. The Roosevelt, aside from being one of my favourite bars in Sydney due to it's incredible interior design and effortless dedication to theme, is home to one of the best negronis in town.

(via instagram @therooseveltpottspoint)

5. MAYBE SAMMY | The Rocks
So good, it goes down like water. The negroni here is a real 'shut up and take my money' kind of experience. You know when you're out and you're like 'oh cocktails are expensive, I'll just get one', not gonna happen at Maybe Sammy. 

(via instagram @maybe_sammy_sydney) 

Well there you have it, my top 5 bars in Sydney to have a negroni. Have I left out your favourite negroni spot? Get in touch with more recommendations! 

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