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DIIO Gifting


As is often the case in our modern world, we two friends, suddenly found our friendship circle spread far and wide. Unfortunately, this also often meant we found ourselves not being present for many milestone moments or even just those times when our friends needed a hug. We were constantly searching for gifts worthy of our friends; gifts that would make them smile, gifts that made them know we were thinking of them and gifts that arrived in style. Finding the gift was only half of it though, we were also after a gift site that understood gifting; answered emails in a timely manner, looked good (because if the site is ugly, what will the gift look like?), included products that people might actually want…the list sadly, goes on.  
Enter DIIO. DIIO (dee-oh/δύο), is the Greek word for two and Team DIIO are all about the connection of two people; authentic, thoughtful and fun, and we love gifting.
The idea that we can send a thought and share some love is marvellous and should be honoured as such. Thoughtless gifting is the pits and at DIIO you’ll find none of that. No baskets filled with obscure crackers, relish and sparkle-less sparkling here, just gift boxes filled with greatness. We take care to source unique and useful treats from small batch artisans and sustainable producers, each with their own story to share.
We also love to wrap! Of course it’s complimentary. You’ve come to us for a gift and it doesn’t take Trump’s IQ to assume you’ll want it wrapped with a handwritten card and that you’ll want the invoice sent to your email and not attached to the gift.
Think you don’t know your friend / client / sister-in-law that well? That’s ok. 
Email us and together we will curate a gem of a gift for them.
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