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Corporate Gifting Re-defined

DIIO are all about the connection of people; nurturing relationships through great experiences. Corporate gifting is so much more than just a marketing tool. It's a chance, in our world inundated with the digital, to share your story with something real and personal. Driven by user ease and stellar service, we curate gifting that aligns with your brand and is also welcomed by your recipient; gifting that bridges divides, honours and quite simply, makes them smile.

On boarding

Whether welcoming a new team member, expanding your client family or nurturing development through a retreat, the perfect gift can marry utility, sophistication and branding.


Honour company, temporal and, personal milestones with gifts to recharge, reset and celebrate with. Our gifts boast both fun and function, truly gifting your team something to savour and mark the moment with.

Thank You

Sometimes a special thank you is in order. For your most elite and most heartfelt gifts, let our team put together something superb.


Whether you are hosting or organising, we can curate promotional gifts that generate discussion, brand awareness and spark joy; reinventing the event/conference survival kit.

Packaging + Customisation

Our premium packaging is our sign-off. A thick, coated, keepsake white box, white twill tie and our wax seal to complete the look.

Whether it be product, packaging, or finishing touches such as greeting cards and wax seals, we can organise customisation, every step of the way. Customisation is a great tool for sharing your logo, artwork and message, or to launch a new product. It can be as simple as curating a gift with your brand's colours or as detailed as complete custom branding across all aspects of the gift and packaging.

Custom Wax Seal | Logo Tag | Custom Insert | Brochure | Custom Ribbon | Custom Tissue | Custom Stickers | Custom Crinkle Colour | Branded Gift Box

Large Scale Gifting

Whether you're sending 30 gifts or 3000 to different locations, we've got you! We keep our lead times short, no matter the project size.

We'll send a proposal your way. Once you're happy, we send an invoice and get procuring, packing and perfecting those gifts. All managed in house, from start till finish. We handle shipping, tracking and any parcels not delivered. We keep you updated as often as you wish and of course, we love to hear how it all went. Let's connect and design the perfect gift.

Sourcing & Product Offerings

When it comes down to the products, the world is our oyster. We can source products to suit your theme, colour scheme or even from a particular place of origin, including a wide array of alcohol and food. Provide us with a brief, and we will find the perfect gifts, if we don't already have them.

Let's Get Gifting

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