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Black Blaze - Citrus Valley Scented Candle

Pink Grapefruit | Citron | Lemongrass | Blue Spruce | Cedar

The Murray River. You’ve finished a day of rowing across the lake. The murky water intersects with red rocks on the shore. Birds flutter as your paddle glides through the river. You imagine a school of fish surrounding the ore as you lean forward and back. You stop to savour the moment. Then a gust of zesty wind.

Rich, fragrant and zesty - a valley of aromatic citrus.

100% pure soy wax
Natural wood wick
Veg tanned leather lid
Burn time - Approx. 45 hours
Presentation box
Hand poured in Australia

Black Blaze was established in 2016 in Sydney, Australia by founders Joe and Ray. A guided exploration of scent, traversing locations and moments, each scent illuminates a room and is reminiscent of a place. Using raw, Australian-inspired ingredients.