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Habitual Beauty - Gua Sha, Rose Quartz
Habitual Beauty - Gua Sha, Rose Quartz
Habitual Beauty - Gua Sha, Rose Quartz
Habitual Beauty - Gua Sha, Rose Quartz

Habitual Beauty - Gua Sha, Rose Quartz


Each of our Habitual Beauty Rose Quartz Facial Rollers are ethically sourced and are all handmade from genuine stone.  Commonly referred to as the love stone, rose quartz promotes a sense of warmth, self love and compassion as well as unconditional love and peace.

Gua Sha has been part of traditional Chinese medicine since the 7th century. We adore doing this healing ritual daily with our skincare routine.

This ancient Chinese healing technique is intended to address stagnant energy in the body called (chi), which many believe may be responsible for inflammation. According to traditional Chinese medicine, qi or chi is energy that flows through the body. Many people believe that a person's chi must be balanced and free flowing to ensure their health and wellbeing.

Promotes circulation and blood flow
Great to apply facial serums + facial oils
Can allow for a deeper penetration of facial oils
Improves skin elasticity
Stimulates the lymphatic system
Helps to reduce water retention
Helps to alleviate muscle pain

How To: 
1. Start by releasing the neck and shoulders before beginning to work on your face.
2. Using your nose as an imaginary line, start in the middle and always work the Gua sha tool out and slightly up toward the outer edges of the face.
3. Complete one half of your face before you start the other side.
4. You want the Gua Sha ritual to feel gentle and relaxing, yet firm enough to bring a lovely rosy glow to your face.
5. Using the indented side, start at the base of your collar bone, and with smooth motions sweep upwards towards your jaw.
6. While still using the indented side, smoothly and gently sweep along your jawline from your chin to ears.
7. Turning the gua sha around, gently press from your nose and move along towards your hair line in one long gentle horizontal motion.
8. Move to your brow, sweeping across from your centre to hair line in a horizontal motion.
9. Move to your forehead, this time work vertically moving from the base of your forehead to hairline.
10. Repeat on the other side. Once you have worked on those key areas, you can then come back and focus on any wrinkles or fine lines.