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Loco Love - Black Cherry and Raspberry, Twin Pack

The Loco Love Black Cherry and Raspberry chocolate is a delicioud vegan ganache with sour cherries on the inside and raspberries sprinkled on the outside. Tangy and sweet, smooth and creamy, a delicious combination of antioxidant rich berries and cacao. 

Spiked with schisandra, which is renown as a potent adaptogenic herb. Schisandra, historically consumed by the Royal families of China, this "Beauty Berry" is said to tonify and regulate all five elements and all twelve organ-meridian systems. Working from the inside out to have you radiant and glowing.

Ingredients: Cacao paste, cacao butter, coconut blossom sugar, tahini, coconut blossom nectar, dried cherries (apple juice sweetened), schisandra berry powder, black cherry oil, celtic salt. 
May contain traces of nuts. 

Loco Love, founded in 2013 by Jesse and Emica who make the most delicious vegan, soy and refined sugar free chocolates. The quality of ingredients is vital to the alchemy of their high-vibe health conscious products. Using only the finest organic, plant-based and whole food ingredients, including organic, fair-trade Criollo Cacao from Peru. Their true sorcery is in their unique blend of superfoods, tonic herbs and healing spices.