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Loco Love - Peanut Butter Caramel, Twin


Infused with their own handmade peanut butter; it’s smooth and crunchy, not overly sweet, slightly salty. Spiked with the super herb Lions Mane mushroom for neural nourishment. This wonder mushroom has been used traditionally for thousands of years by herbalists to support the brain and nervous system, improve cognitive function and boost digestive health. We couldn’t find a peanut butter on the market that didn’t have nasty additives like vegetable oil so we made our own. We’re resourceful like that.

Twin Pack

Ingredients: Cacao paste, cacao butter, *peanuts. brown rice syrup, coconut milk, wildcrafted mucuna pruriens (10:1), *celtic salt. Contains peanutsAll ingredients organic unless otherwise *noted

Loco Love, founded in 2013 by Jesse and Emica who make the most delicious vegan, soy and refined sugar free chocolates. The quality of ingredients is vital to the alchemy of their high-vibe health conscious products. Using only the finest organic, plant-based and whole food ingredients, including organic, fair-trade Criollo Cacao from Peru. Their true sorcery is in their unique blend of superfoods, tonic herbs and healing spices.