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Love Ally - Leda Candle
Love Ally's Leda candle
will add a touch of artistic elegance to your home. Her timeless figure and envious curves will capture the attention of anyone who walks through your home.
21 cm H x 10 cm W x 9 cm D

Hand-poured using a sustainable source of palm wax which is:

    • Non-toxic and contains no harmful petrochemicals.
    • Holds fragrance exceptionally well  
    • Burns clean (8hr burn time) 

    Candle Care & Safety:
    - Avoid placing near a draft, open window, air duct or fan
    - Ensure wick is trimmed each time candle is lit
    - Do not leave candle unattended whilst lit
    - Stop burning the candle once 2cm of unmelted wax remains
    - Limit exposure to natural and artificial light to prevent discolouration.

    Leda is made for decorative use, however, if you decide to burn it, we strongly recommend you place a heat-proof dish under this product to help control any excess wax from dripping.

    Every Leda candle is quality controlled and is unique given her hand-made nature, however, slight variations may occur between candles, adding to her one of a kind beauty.

    KNC Beauty - Lip mask
    Pucker up, because your lips are about to get a treat. Your KNC lip mask will give you those plump, hydrated, soft, smooth, moisturised, kissable lips you’ve always wanted. And it’ll do all that without the chemicals. Instead of using harsh chemicals, your KNC mask uses natural, moisturising plant extracts to protect your tender lips from the world’s harsh elements, like Chicago winters or your boyfriend’s 3-day stubble. Petroleum-free and infused with plumping collagen and moisturising rose flower oil, vitamin e, and bitter cherry extract, it’s all natural, all day! Basically, your KNC lip mask is about to be your new BFF.
    My Mask, Please: Give your lip mask 15-20 minutes, and it’ll give you kiss-all-day, dream-all-night lips. Before masking, make sure your lips are clean and dry. If your lips are chapped, exfoliate first. Now, put your mask on. #lipmaskandchill for up to 20 minutes.
    Ingredients: Deionized water, glycerin, collagen, prunus cerasus (bitter cherry) extract, hyaluronic acid, rose flower oil, vitamin e. No parabens, no sulfates, no artificial dyes or fragrances.

    Loco Love - Black Cherry and Raspberry Chocolate, Twin Pack
    The Loco Love Black Cherry and Raspberry chocolate is a delicious vegan ganache with sour cherries on the inside and raspberries sprinkled on the outside. Tangy and sweet, smooth and creamy, a delicious combination of antioxidant rich berries and cacao.
    Ingredients: Cacao paste, cacao butter, coconut blossom sugar, tahini, coconut blossom nectar, dried cherries (apple juice sweetened), schisandra berry powder, black cherry oil, celtic salt.  May contain traces of nuts.

    Black Blaze - Gold Lighter (Available in the Light the Mood Version of the Hamper)
    This refillable lighter in brass is made in collaboration with Tsubota Pearl. For more than half a century Tsubota Pearl has produced Japan’s most imaginative and artfully crafted lighters. This collaborated lighter fits perfectly into any small bag or pocket and makes a stylish tool for lighting candles or incense.

    Due to shipping regulations, all our lighters are shipped empty so fuel must be purchased separately.
    8.5 cm x 0.8 cm x 0.8 cm
    100% metal
    Mirror polished finish
    Made in japan

    DIIO - Signature Gift Wrap
    Our complimentary gift wrap is our sign-off. A thick, coated, keepsake white box, white twill tie and our wax seal to complete the look.