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The One And Only Negroni

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Four Pillars - Rare Dry Gin, 700ml
Thrice awarded and with a classic yet distinctive palette, there was not better choice for our Negroni Gift pack. Distilled a mere hour’s drive from Melbourne, this speciality uses whole oranges, an unusual choice but the highly aromatic nature of Australian citrus supports the spicy botanicals of cardamom, cinnamon and star anise. Tasmanian Pepperberry Leaf promotes warmth over intense heat and Australian Lemon Myrtle finishes off this gem of a gin perfectly.

Lillet Rouge Vermouth, 750ml
Lillet Rouge Aperitif was first created in 1872. This French aperitif bings a ruby coloured vermouth is addition to your next negroni. Citrus liqueur from bitter green apple, orange peels, quinine and spices blended with Merlot wine from Bordeaux. Strong aromas of spices and ripe berries with a supple and long, lingering finish.  

Campari Bitter Aperitif, 700ml
Campari is the perfect aperitif with its distinctive red colour, aroma and pleasantly bittersweet flavour.

VISKI - Belmont Japanese Style Jigger, Gold
Cast in lustrous gold with a band that separates its one- and two-ounce sections, the interior of each side of our professional Japanese-style double jigger is scored with pinpoint mixology measurements (1.5, 0.75 and 0.5 ounces). Easy to use and a must-have in any at home bar collection. 30ml | 60ml

VISKI - Warren Weighted Barspoon
Designed for the smoothest swizzling and stirring, our classic teardrop-tipped barspoon twists its way from a concave spoon bowl along a 40 centimeter stem to end in a perfectly rounded head. Precisely balanced for effortlessly adept mixology.

VISKI - Glacier Rocks Sphere Ice Molds
Crystal-clear ice spheres chill faster, dilute less and last longer than cubes can. Fill mold with water, freeze for at least 4 hours, and open to release a perfect ice ball - a better way to savour liquor on the rocks. For added flavour and garnish, fill the molds with citrus fruit slices, herbs or use juice in place of water.

Mary Valley Food Co. - Dried Oranges
Dried orange handcrafted in the Mary Valley and sourced from small producers. Mindful of the environment, all products are packed in glass jars.

iSpyaFeast - Menu Card, The Negroni
Our pals at iSpyaFeast style dinner parties/BBQs/nightly-dinners and we've included their Negroni must-haves, printed on the smartest menu card.

DIIO - Signature Gift Wrap
Our complimentary gift wrap is our sign-off. A thick, coated, keepsake white box, white twill tie and our wax seal to complete the look.