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Lillie's Q - Carolina Gold Barbecue Sauce

You’ll taste plenty of tradition in this Southern Carolina mustard based sauce. Hints of black pepper mixed with mustard give CAROLINA GOLD its time-honoured character. This sauce is so versatile and is perfect for BBQ chicken, on a smoked whole shoulder of pork or dressing your finest sausages. All natural ingredients.

Mustard, brown sugar, cider vinegar, ketchup, tomato paste, filtered water, Worcestershire, apple juice, black pepper, distilled vinegar, lime juice, salt and other natural spices.

Made in Chicago, IL. USA


Lillie’s Q - Carolina Dirt Rub, 170g

Aptly named after Carolina’s clay coloured soil, this sugar based rub is a true southern BBQ staple. Perfect for slow cooked ribs, pulled pork and french fries. Bourbon and BBQ, meant to be.

Made in the USA

Men’s Society - Golf Essentials Kit

A little birdie told us this pack has everything necessary for a super day on the green and the aches and pains that might crop up the next day. Combined with a few beers, you’re guaranteed a great day ahead.


Club cleaning fluid

Cleaning cloth

Golf Tess

Hand cream

Muscle rub

Kleins Perfumery - Bondi Exfoliating Soap, 200g

This super creamy Exfoliating Soap features Organic Shea and Natural Coconut Husk, sustainably sourced and vegan friendly, to gently buff away dry skin. Let the notes of coconut and vanilla, transport you to hot summer days by Bondi Beach. Kleins Perfumery are proudly Australian made and combine their exceptional product with some of Australia's best talent. This Rennie Ellis series combines the audacious, sexy and often shocking photography of Melbourne's most famous social photographer, Rennie Ellis, as its inspiration.

'Bondi' - Bondi, 1997 - Rennie Ellis

Creamy coconut husk and vanilla

Made in Australia from sustainably sourced, vegan-friendly ingredients


DIIO - Signature Gift Wrap

Our complimentary gift wrap is our sign-off. A thick, coated, keepsake white box, white twill tie and our wax seal to complete the look.